Burp BChecks: First Impressions

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

With the introduction of PortSwigger Burp BChecks, I immediately became curious to see if the feature would be powerful enough to replace the existing Burp integrated Python interface I use to achieve similar results. The Python solution is a topic I cover in great detail in #PBAT ( ... more

Prototype Pollution in Flask

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Not too long ago I shared an interesting article on Twitter titled Prototype Pollution in Python. Not only are the memes great, but it's a fun and engaging read that does a good job of breaking down a complex topic into easy to understand concepts with practical examples. I highly recommend it if you enjoy tinkering with Python. At the bottom of the article the author mentions a couple practical examples for the reader to explore further. One of the examples was "Overwriting Flask web app secret key that's used for session signing." Anything with the word "Flask" in it catches my attention immediately, so I spent a couple of hours exploring this idea. ... more

Review: Burp Suite Certified Practitioner (Part 3 Final)

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Failure is hard to swallow. After failing my first attempt at the Burp Suite Certified Practitioner exam, I decided to try the certification exam again... and again... and again. ... more

Review: Burp Suite Certified Practitioner (Part 2)

Thursday, November 18, 2021

With Portswigger slashing the price of their Burp Suite Certified Practitioner exam to $9, I couldn't resist buying an attempt and giving it a try. I spent a couple more days preparing and took the certification exam. I didn't get very far in the three hours, completing only a single challenge (step 1 of application 1), but I did learn a little about the environment and wanted to share some of that information with others that may be considering an attempt at becoming a Burp Suite Certified Practitioner. ... more

Review: Burp Suite Certified Practitioner

Monday, November 15, 2021

Portswigger recently announced their Burp Suite Certified Practitioner certification. As a Burp Suite enthusiast and self-proclaimed subject matter expert, I decided to exercise the certification preparation process as a way to sharpen my skills, provide insight to others on the preparation process, and ultimately decide whether or not I would give the certification exam an attempt myself. Below are my takeaways from the process and thoughts I want to share with others that are considering an attempt at becoming a Burp Suite Certified Practitioner. ... more

No-Knowledge API Discovery

Monday, June 14, 2021

I recently received an email from a previous student asking a question about API discovery during a no-knowledge test. The question was, "How can one discover API's across an organization's external IP range when the API's are not linked like URLs and can't be crawled using traditional means?" I thought my answer might be useful for others, so I'm documenting it here. ... more

Dynamic Discovery of Mass Assignment Vulnerabilities

Friday, June 14, 2019

I love teaching for a lot of reasons. One of the reasons is because I learn so much when I teach. Sounds weird doesn't it? Why would the person teaching be learning? Well, It's probably not what you think. Some of what I learn comes directly from the students, but a lot comes from debugging issues on the fly and some dumb-luck discovery when someone in the class accidentally clicks somewhere or mistypes something. Recently I was teaching a class, and a combination of these led to a pretty neat discovery that I want to share with the community. ... more