Practical Security Services LLC

prac·ti·cal: of or concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory and ideas.

There are plenty of resources for theory and ideas regarding the many fields of study within the Information Security industry. The missing piece to many of the brilliant discoveries we read about on a daily basis is the practical application to our daily jobs. I've always been one to focus on stripping away the magic and finding ways to take complex theories and ideas and make them applicable to what I do every day... then share that with others. So out of that approach to my profession was born the idea of forming a company whose goal is the same. To provide consulting, development, and training services where the result is the practical application of technologies, theories, and ideas that results in a high-quality, actionable deliverable and an enhanced skill set for my clients.


With over a decade of experience in the Information Security field, I have served in many roles including Senior Red Team Leader, Senior Security Consultant, Managing Consultant, Vice President of Professional Services, and Director of Training. Each of these roles has provided me with a different perspective of the industry and afforded me the opportunity hone my craft at many levels. While experienced in both network and application security consulting, I specialize in application security and am well equipped to conduct application penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, and code reviews. Please contact me me for consulting inquiries.


Since learning to program at the age of 12, writing code has been a hobby and passion. Throughout my career I have used the ability to read and write code as a stepping stone to becoming a more efficient and effective security consultant. As a professional, I have started and continue to manage and maintain several open source software projects and consider myself a subject matter expert in Python and Python web frameworks. My experience as a security consultant and developer uniquely qualifies me to contribute to development projects where elements of both are desired. Please contact me me for development support.


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