Burp Suite Pro v2 Transition

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Most of you are probably well aware of the ongoing beta for Burp Suite Pro v2. While Portswigger recommends continuing to use the latest v1 stable version for commercial testing, many are anxious to get started with the features that Portswigger shared with us last year. Let me help you. I've been actively transitioning for six months now and would like to share with you a resource I've built along the way.

As a Portswigger Preferred Burp Suite Pro trainer, I consider it my responsibility to be on the front lines of Burp Suite Pro product knowledge. Therefore, I spend a great deal of time digging into Burp's extensive feature set and communicating with the development team concerning bugs, behaviors and features in an effort to bring that knowledge to you through my training courses.

I began making the transition to Burp Suite Pro v2 in my training courses as soon as it was released last year. During this time, I've learned a ton about what the new feature set is, isn't, and how it impacts the workflow afforded by the previous version. As classes have come and gone using the beta version, I've compiled a library of questions and answers from dialog between folks at Portswigger and myself. I've chosen to share that information with the public as much of the information will be extremely helpful in making the transition. Some is good news, and some is bad news, but it's all useful.

I am actively maintaining this information on a Google Doc titled Burp Suite 2.0 FAQ. I add and date questions when I send them, then update the date when I receive an answer, so hopefully that will make it easier to check back in frequently and find the new stuff. I hope you find it useful. As always, feedback is welcome.


Since this article was written, Burp Suite Pro v2 came out of beta, the Practical Burp Suite Pro: Advanced Tactics (PBAT) class debuted, and all of the information contained in the document linked above was added to PBAT. Therefore, the document is no longer maintained or available for public consumption.

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